ASU Brochure


ASU Campaign 201 booklet

In January 2017 ASU launched the public phase of Campaign ASU 2020, a comprehensive, university-wide philanthropic effort to raise support for our educational priorities.

This publication—with a refreshed design—is devoted to helping the reader understand what the campaign entails, why it is important, how private support makes a difference at a public research institution, and the impact generosity is having on the university and the communities it serves.

ASU Campaign 201 booklet pages 2-3

To lengthen the shelf-life of this 24-page brochure, Lori designed an insert that folds over the back cover. It contains the contact info for donor relations professionals across ASU, the info most likely to change frequently. This way the inexpensive insert could be reprinted and replaced rather than the entire brochure.

Pertaining to the Campaign 201 brochure:

We’ve received very positive feedback, already, from several volunteers and ASUF colleagues on the new “Campaign 201.”  Thanks again for your efforts to refresh and update this great resource.


Director of Campaign ASU 2020, ASU Foundation